"Sharing music in any form is where my heart lies. This involves writing and performing with others as well as sharing its secrets by teaching and guiding interested students. Music is all about sharing and when playing or working on music you are constantly showing each-other new ways of creating and experiencing sound. Teaching is as important to me as performing or creating music, and I feel privileged having the opportunity to spend such a large portion of my waking hours on all three of these musically creative and interactive activities."

Sietske started gaining experience as a teacher early on during her professional studies. While she was in her third year at the Conservatory of Utrecht,  well respected for it's excellent educational program, she began teaching regularly at a local music school. This further inspired her to start developing her own syllabus and actively teaching private lessons as well. The dynamic of giving group lessons was added to Sietske's active teaching experiences while she completed her BMUS and MMUS at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Sietske's teaching philosophy focuses on helping students bring their entire mind and body into the process of singing and performing. Inspired by her mother's work with the Feldenkrais Method and years of dance classes covering a broad variety of styles, Sietske has merged the physicality of performing with audible and also mental expression. She believes that artistic flexibility comes from a proper technical foundation and healthy habits to effectively prepare students for more straining techniques without risk of injury. Trained in a variety of musical styles including theatrical aspects especially suited for performing on stage. Ranging from classical music to pop as well as traditional and modern jazz, Sietske commands a diverse and flexible teaching repertoire.

If you are interested in taking lessons, please click on and fill out the Lesson Information Form below. This allows for an initial review so that Sietske can best understand the level you are at and the type of lessons you are interested in. You will receive a free non-binding personal consultation before starting to take any type of lesson or class. If you have any questions feel free to contact Sietske beforehand.

+ Education Overview


Degree: Master of Music (MMUS)

Principal Study: Vocal Performance Jazz

Specialisation: Theatre Performance & Contemporary Song Composition


Degree: Bachelor of Music (BMUS) (3rd & 4th year)

Principal Study: Performance and Education Vocal Jazz


Degree: Propedeuse (+ 2nd & 3rd year)

Principal Study: Performance and Education Vocal Jazz
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+ Teaching experience Overview

ZANG & CO (Music School, the Hague)

Dates: Jan 2016 - Present

Position: Voice and Piano Teacher

Responsibilities: Individual and Duo-lessons for Voice and Functional Accompaniment (Piano) and Piano Lessons


Dates: July - Sept 2015

Position: Head of Vocal Department

Responsibilities: Individual and Group-lessons


Dates: Sept 2014-Present

Position: Conductor & Vocal Technique Coach

Responsibilities: Functional Accompaniment (Piano), Technique and Vocal Health Training

TUNE UP MUZIEPUNT (Music School, Haarlem)

Dates: Sept 2012 - Present

Position: Voice Teacher

Responsibilities: Individual and Duo-lessons, Developing and Leading Group Workshops


Dates: Jan 2013 - Present

Position: Voice Teacher

Responsibilities: Individual and Duo-lessons, Developing and Leading Group Courses


Dates: Sept 2007-June 2008 (Currently still active as regular substitute)

Position: Voice Teacher

Responsibilities: Individual, Duo Lessons and Small Ensembles